The strangest thing happened to me last night . I had put my kids Capri Sun’s in the trunk of my car. And the trunk of my car hit me on the head. I instantly remembered the fall I had taken when I was only in the 3rd grade . At that time, my head actually split opened and I needed stitches . Well since I’m a few years older I thought maybe this knock on my head has changed my personality . I sat up (literally) thinking of how differently my life would be if I thought differently than I do now.  I started to think , what kind of personality do I really have.  I wondered did my friends really like me or have we been friends so long that they tolerate me. You see from the position I live in I’ve always been judged for my personality . And in a lot of cases its things that are far , far from my personality. And I tend to shelter my true self from people because I like to preserve my true self for real people.

Needless to say that bump didn’t change my personality .  I did have a major headache and it’s still kinda achy but yeah I’m still just me.  And I guess nothing , not even circumstances can change who I am . So I began to think of who I am, basically . Well that took me down a totally different path.  I had to actually take ownership of all of my flaws , quirks, phobias, and those times that I take my sense of humor too far. I wondered if I would have married myself.  Could I be best friends with myself. How good of a daughter I am and would my children be proud of me in years to come.

I think we would often have conversations with ourselves about who we are and what we are placed here on Earth to do. And we are always uncomfortable when we don’t walk into your divine purpose in life. The best part of life is when you’re finally doing something that is easy for you and makes you absolutely happy. And no matter how many times someone’s idea of who you should be and what you should be doing ( unless they are a life coach or something of the sort) you will never be happy until you’re doing something that is making you feel fulfilled. No one dreams can be your dreams. And just because some other’s person’s life looks amazing doesn’t mean that things will work the same for you .

The best part of life is that every morning you wake up you are uniquely you . And although you may chose to talk ,walk , dress and pretend to be another person , it will never last because the moment you’re in an uncomfortable situation your real personality will be sure to pop out . This bump on my head didn’t make me more affectionate, more caring , more loving , happier , or sad . I was born like this and guess what I’m just not her! I am me and I am learning to enjoy the process of just being me.

Ask yourself…who am I?


I am Basically ,



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